Edmond Masjedi is a successful entrepreneur with an eclectic professional background. He has succeeded in business ventures across a diverse range of industries. While he has had success in real estate and plastics, he has also worked in the beer and wine industry. He has always employed the simple business philosophy of providing high-quality products and service at low costs. This has afforded him success, especially in the beer and wine industry, but also in the business of distribution in general.

Edmond Masjedi has learned a great deal about the beer-making process. With the right materials and equipment, anyone can make it at home. It is a worthwhile activity, even if you don’t really drink beer. Here are the essential steps in crafting a unique beer right in your kitchen:

  1. Gather your ingredients: Malt Extract, Hops, Specialty Grains (Specifiable) and Yeast.
  2. Sanitize by cleaning all your equipment. It is imperative that you do not wash the equipment with anything that could damage the material. Wash lightly but thoroughly.
  3. Rinse. Distilled water works best as tap water is typically not clean enough to complete the sanitation process.
  4. Put your specialty grains in a grain bag (like mesh or a tea bag), then steep in 150 degrees F water for 30 minutes. Afterward, let the water drain from the bag, but DO NOT squeeze it.
  5. Add the malt extract to the grains and bring it all to a boil. The intervals in which you add hops affect the end flavor of the beer. For a distinct bitterness, but less flavor and aroma, add hops early. Adding them later will increase flavor and aroma, but detract from the bitterness.
  6. Cool what is now called the wort, and cool it as quickly as possible. Have a pot with cold water ready so you can put the wort pot inside.
  7. Mix the cooled wort in the fermenter with the appropriate amount of water.

Edmond Masjedi: Beer and Wine

Edmond Masjedi worked in the beer and wine distribution industry for some time in his professional career. He is well-versed in proper methods and techniques to craft high quality wine and beer. He has always employed the business philosophy that he should have the ability to give high quality products to customers at low prices. Edmond Masjedi has taken his passions throughout various successful business endeavors. While many entrepreneurs have the same sort of ambitions, Edmond Masjedi’s success is a testament to his passion and expertise.


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