Edmond Masjedi has some extensive entrepreneurial experience, having worked in an array of industries throughout his career. He is an expert when it comes to assessing risks and prospects in any new business venture. He has worked in merchandise distribution, plastics and technology. While his expertise is versatile to say the least, the range of his industry knowledge is diverse. Having worked in the real estate industry for some time, he knows the ins and outs like any professional realtor.

When it comes to real estate investment, risk assessment is a mandatory part of the business. However, real estate investment is not something everyone understands. It is an intricate process which requires many methods of risk assessment when calculating potential value. There a several very common risks associated with investment, but there are ways to manage them. Edmond Masjedi has offered some insight on how to assess and manage investment risk here:

Fraudulent Sale: People are sometimes misguided by poor realtors and wind up investing in fraudulent properties. There is a precautionary step one can take to avoid such a risk. Verifying ownership and obtaining title insurance are the best ways to protect an investment from the onset.

Adverse Possession: Unless the property in question is newly developed, chances are it is changing ownership. That is, the investor is the new owner, and the title is therefore transferred to his or her name. A boundary survey from a licensed surveyor can help eliminate any funny business when changing the ownership of a property.

Environmental Contamination: This applies to old properties especially, but generally just those that were previously constructed. Investors typically overlook an environmental survey. Yet, this is imperative because environmental contaminants can contribute negatively to a property’s value.

Economic Downturn: When we hear that real estate market is doing poorly, this isn’t exactly due to an economic downturn. No property is really safe from such an economic change. The economy of the real estate market is much different than the value trends it experiences. Assessing whether the investment property stands out from its competition, calculating potential future maintenance costs and obtaining leasing documents are the best ways. Only so much is feasible when trying to protect an investment from an economic downturn.

Edmond Masjedi: One More Strategy

Market Decline: When the real estate market experiences a decline, this really means that people aren’t buying and selling properties enough to maintain market averages. Since everything in real estate really revolves around finance, approaching investments conservatively is never a bad thing. It eliminates risks and could cut costs down the road.

Edmond Masjedi is an entrepreneur with experience in the real estate industry. His vast professional experience has afforded Edmond Masjedi some great business expertise. Yet, Edmond Masjedi only ever approached business ventures with passionate ambition driving him.


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