Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a businessman and entrepreneur to say the least. His success has come over many years, as he has always embarked on business ventures in industries that interest him. Edmond’s success is a testament to the power of passion when it comes to entrepreneurship. He has involved himself in the business of real estate, beer and technology, to name a few. His expertise has afforded incredible business opportunities, all of which he has made for himself.

Edmond Masjedi certainly believes in diversifying business knowledge in a variety of industries. Keeping things fresh and exciting is always a great way to expand such a focal expertise. Having owned and operated a number of independent businesses, Edmond has also learned the value of personalizing certain endeavors. Part of his renowned success is due to his specific business philosophy: offering high quality products at the most affordable costs. His work in the beer and wine industry, as well as in real estate, respectively marks how this strategy makes for profitable businesses.

Real Estate

Edmond’s technological experience has contributed to his career success in real estate. He is known for using three-dimensional imagery technology in selling residential and commercial properties. This marketing technique was not completely revolutionary, but it was he who tailored such technology in the business of real estate.


Another industry Edmond has previously involved himself in is plastics. More specifically, he worked for the innovative company, International Plastics. The company’s primary success came from manufacturing and distributing drinking straws. While this area of business is scarcely thought of, Edmond contributed to the success of International Plastics. This is merely an example of how an expertise in wholesale merchandise distribution subsequently makes certain industries a spectacular business endeavor.

Beer and Wine

Edmond Masjedi’s business background in distribution has afforded him great success in starting beer and wine distribution companies. Again, he had applied his business philosophy of providing high-quality products at low cost. He had designed a company which features high quality wines at incredibly discounted rates. Never sacrificing quality, the business progressed and became extremely profitable.

Edmond Masjedi: Diversified Success

Edmond Masjedi has made his living as an entrepreneur by diversifying business precepts and practices to numerous industries. The range of Edmond Masjedi’s business endeavors is eclectic to say the least. With an affluent understanding of assorted business strategies and profitable ventures, Edmond Masjedi has cornered several markets with unprecedented success.


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